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Catch Apne Bande every Thursday at 7:45 PM only on PTC Punjabi.

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PTC Punjabi is touching lives of millions of viewers across the globe with a primary objective that focuses on - Punjab, Punjabi and Punjabiyat. To continue the tradition, PTC Punjabi presents - APNE BANDE, a new show that delves deep into the heartland of the country to find Punjabis who have settled outside Punjab in cities and towns across India. The focus of the show is to look for stories of this enterprising community who have adapted and assimilated into these diverse cultures; and made these places their home. The show will be anchored by renowned Drishtii Grewal.

The people to be pictured in the show will bring with them delightfully exciting stories showcasing the indomitable spirit of Punjabis. Apne Bande will bring out the essence of multicultural India through the stories of these remarkable Punjabis. Personalities featured in Apne Bande have made their mark in places outside Punjab through sheer power of will. Apne Bande would be an inspiration for all...

Each episode will focus on a particular city, town or village, which has a sizable population of Punjabis or has a unique story of how a few Punjabis have worked to change the skyline of that place. We will see how they have adapted the language, dressing, eating habits of the locals and yet retained their religious and cultural identity.

Embodying the spirit of “Jiyo te Jeene Do” in all its hues and colors, the show will see anchor “Drishtii Grewal” travelling across the country and meeting these celebrated Punjabi Icons.