23-year old girl Muskaan Kohli from Pathankot awarded with Princess Diana Award

written by Ritika Nath | July 01, 2021

The Diana Award is given to the ones who go above and beyond in their daily life to generate and sustain positive change. Muskaan Kohli, from Pathankot, has received The Diana Award, the greatest honour, that a young person may receive for social action or humanitarian work.

Image Source: PTC

The Diana, Princess of Wales Award is given out by the Diana, Princess of Wales Foundation, which has the backing of both her sons, The Duke of Cambridge and The Duke of Sussex.

Image Source: PTC

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Muskaan was struck by the shocking reality that so many girls in her community were denied a basic education as she grew up in India. She began by instructing students in computer and communication skills. Muskaan began running seminars to clarify stereotypes about women's bodies and periods after learning about them in rural communities.

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Women felt empowered by these seminars, which improved their grasp of their own biology, she also informed them of their rights, and boosted their confidence. Muskaan is also a part of Ladli Foundation Trust in Pathankot and currently leads a group of 50 volunteers, mentoring and assisting them in reaching out to even more women across India.

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