Badshah To Reveal An Artists Story With His New Song ‘Aatmvishvas’

written by Diksha Kapoor | September 18, 2020

A while ago, singer Badshah was going through a tough time because of the cyber issue he was going on his YouTube channel with all the fake likes on his videos. Recently, Badshah made his fans excited as he announced his upcoming song, ‘Aatmvishvas’, in collaboration with Amit Bhadana. He shared an animated post of a man smiling while many hands are stabbing his back with a knife and his back is bleeding. On the poster, he has mentioned that the song is sung by Badshah. Badshah also gives the lyrics and the music of the song. The story that will be depicted in the song will be by Amit Bhadana. Badshah captioned the post, “"AATMVISHVAS" आत्मविश्वास 💪🏽 Badshah x Amit Bhadana Story of everyone Coming soon Zakhmon se gehra aatmvishwas Shor se behra aatmvishwas Mushkilon pe hasta aatmvishwas Sabmein hai basta aatmvishwas”. ALSO READ: AMRIT MAAN TO COLLABORATE WITH BOHEMIA FOR SONG ‘EDDAN NI’ Just as Badshah announced the song on the internet, the news went viral in no-time. Not only fans but even well-known celebrities like Ikka, Yuvraj Singh, Manish Dixit, and Priyankkaa Meher have commented on the post. The song will reveal the tale of an artist.


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