Bigg Boss house loses the food because of Afsana Khan and Shamita Shetty’s mistake

written by Kirti Pathak | November 08, 2021 05:59pm

The entire ration is taken away from Afsana Khan and Shamita as a punishment for breaking the rules in the house, and the housemates descend on them for not following the regulations.

We saw Salman Khan say in yesterday's program that the participants would have to play the VIP assignment this week and that whoever enters the role will be entitled to compete in the final race; it's like a ticket to the final challenge.

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Anyone who joins the VIP room will be given unique abilities and treatment, and every resident will have to fight for their place.

Many times during this season, contestants have broken the rules, and Bigg Boss has warned them that if they continue to do so, they would face severe consequences.

Because Afsana was napping throughout the challenge and Shamita was only speaking in English, Bigg Boss would punish the entire house on the following show.


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The housemates interrogate Afsana and Shamita about why they are breaching the rules, considering there is no ration in the house and everyone is hungry.

We've seen Bigg Boss admonish Shamita and Afsana about breaking the rules in previous shows, but it doesn't appear that anything was taken seriously.

Shamita becomes enraged and claims that anyone can eat her gluten-free food and that she doesn't need anyone. She then confronts Bigg Boss, claiming that she isn't the only one speaking in English and that there are others as well, and that why hasn't their name been called up for it?

When the participants try to explain things to Afsana, she loses her calm and starts striking herself, and the contestants try to control her again, but to no avail.

She also refuses to eat, claiming that she is not the only one who sleeps, as Simba does as well, and that the only reason her name is drawn up and all the contenders gag on her is because she is the only one who sleeps.

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As the rations are decreased and they have to eat tasteless food, the housemates' energy levels plummet, and they hope that Afsana and Shamita don't break any more rules and that the rest of the housemates follow every rule set by Bigg Boss.

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