Germany Finds A 7 Decade Old Coding Machine Used During World War 2

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 07, 2020

A coding machine has been found in Germany, which was used during the world war to deliver messages. The machine was found by divers of environmental group WWF in northern Germany. In the Baltic sea of Germany, an old valuable yet antique messaging machine is found. It was used by Nazis to consign coded messages during the World War 2. The machine is handed over to a museum for its restoration. The machine was found by the diverse assignment environmental group WWF in northern Germany. They were in search of a fishing net in the bay of northern Germany, with that they found the priceless machine too. A Coworker calls out, there's a net there with an old typewriter in it". Further, the whole team of drivers quickly rushed towards the sea and also told the historic artifact about it. ALSO READ: UDIT NARAYAN: ADITYA NARAYAN AND SHWETA AGARWAL HAVE BEEN LIVING TOGETHER FOR A DECADE
The chief of Germany's archaeological Schleswig-Holstein regime, Ulf Ickerotd has declared that the machine would be handover to the archaeology museum. He said the 7 decade old enigma will be displayed in the museum. A German-based historian Jann Witt had a discussion with DPA. According to him the machine was thrown in the sea on the last day of war. It's said that the Allied forces worked continuously for 24 hours to decrypt the message.


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