Honesty Still Prevails! These 4 Sikhs Win Hearts With Their Honest Acts

written by Diksha Kapoor | May 16, 2019

It is hard to find honest people around the world these days, when human wants are never ending. Known for their generosity and kind nature, Sikhs are winning hearts around the world for their honest acts too. These 4 Sikhs are a reminder to the mankind that good people still exist. Mr. Katiyar Singh About three years ago, a resident of Kolkata, Rajesh Ghosh uploaded a small and heartwarming story about his cab driver, Katiyar Singh. Katiyar drove all the way from Bhawanipur to Moulali (Kolkata) to return Rajesh’s phone, which he forgot in the cab. Rajesh posted a picture on his Facebook with the cab driver to shower respect to him. Gurneet Singh Khalsa Gurneet Singh Khalsa found a debit card lying on the ATM Machine with its password written on its pouch in Ranjit Avenue, Punjab. At first he thought that it might be an expired card, but on checking the validity he found a handwritten password of the card. On discovering a huge sum in the account, he decided to return it back to the rightful owner. Lakhwinder Singh Dhillon In 2013, a Sikh cab driver in Melbourne, Australia has set an example of honesty by returning 1,10,000 dollars to the passengers who left the bundle of cash in his cab. After finding 11 bundles of 10,000 Australian dollars in his cab, he waited for the owner to call. However, after an hour or so those passengers called the taxi company and I was happy to go and return the money. Jasbir Singh Jasbir Singh is the manager of Glenwood Sikh Gurudwara. According to the information, Jasbir and the Gurudwara treasurer Jaspal Singh do a weekly deposit into the Gurudwara account. After deposting the money and getting the receipt, they found 4500 dollar excess in their account. In no time, Jasbir went to the bank to return the money. Others should take inspiration from them and let there be more honest people!


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