'If Adele sees this, she may just go from rolling in the deep..' writes Twinkle Khanna while singing Adele's song

written by Ritika Nath | November 27, 2021

Working out in the winter requires a lot of motivation. And if the motivation is anything like Twinkle Khanna's, we doubt you'll want to miss the workout session.

A cardio workout if it's as full of fun and frolics just like Twinkle Khanna then there is no chance of missing the workout. Twinkle Khanna who is referred to as one of the wittiest celebrities of Bollywood has recently shared something similar which left everyone ROFL.

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In her most recent video, she can be seen channeling her inner Adele and singing Easy On Me. She did, however, admit that Adele, whose song Rolling In The Deep is a huge hit, might just roll off the deep end if she sees Twinkle singing in this video.

Image Source: Instagram

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However, it is much commendable how Twinkle performed Adele's "Easy On Me" and completely owned her love of singing, despite having a "terrible" voice. In addition to which, she was also worried about Adele.

Image Source: Instagram

Not only this but Twinkle is also known for the witty captions she writes along with her posts. In her latest post, the actor shows how concerned she is for Adele as she sang her song in the most hilarious way ever.


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While sharing the video, Twinkle Khanna wrote "I am lucky that this bike doesn’t have wheels otherwise, it’s not just eardrums that would suffer a puncture! How many of you love to sing even when you know you are terrible?"

Ever since she has shared the video, fans and followers are going crazy after the post.

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