Intake Of These Food Items Can Make You Super Lazy At Work

written by Aakash Rawal | October 16, 2017

Feeling super lazy and sleepy after heavy lunch is something which we all experience in our lives. But, do you know which type of food makes you feel so? Or which food items should be avoided during work hours to avoid such situation? If not, then don’t worry.

Here we have listed few food items which can be avoided during work hours to avoid drowsiness and laziness:

1. Fried Food

Intake of fried food items like fried rice or fried chicken should be avoided during your work hours, as they take much time to digest and foods which are not easy to digest makes you lazy.Alternative: You can have grilled food instead of fired.

2. Excessive Coffee

When we are talking about laziness during work hours, there is only one thing which comes to our mind to tackle Laziness and drowsiness which is COFFEE. But, if you are addicted to having coffee quite often, the you should stop it right away. Yes, having a cup of coffee can help you in getting rid of laziness but excessive intake of coffee can harm your health as it contains a high amount of caffeine.Alternative: You can take a glass of Lemonade or Coconut Water instead of coffee.

3. Chocolate

If you are a chocolate lover then you should know that chocolate has a high volume of sugar, which is not good for health and also creates drowsiness.Alternative: Have fruit or one or two pieces of dark chocolate

4. Energy Drink

Energy drinks are opposite to its name because, it contains Caffeine, Sugar, Alcohol and taurine in huge amount, which creates fatigue and laziness.Alternative: Drink lemon Squash or fresh fruit juice.

5. Rice

Do you like to have white rice? If yes, then do you know, it contains a heavy amount of carbohydrates, which affects blood glucose level and makes you lazy.Alternative:  Have Brown Rice filled with antioxidant and fibre.

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