IPL 2022: Couple caught on camera 'kissing' during Gujarat Titans vs Delhi Capitals match

written by Ritika Nath | April 03, 2022

IPL 2022 picture of couple- kissing goes viral: Every day in the IPL 2022, spectacular matches take place, and, as is usual, the cameramen on the field make headlines. Cameramen, who broadcast matches for the spectators on TV, occasionally display such moments that become the talk of the town. One such picture went viral on the internet of a 'couple kissing' during Gujrat Titans and Delhi Capitals IPL match 2022.

image of ipl couple kiss memes

'Kissing Couple' Meme

Aside from the on-field action, the IPL cameraman seems to capture a number of other noteworthy happenings at the stadium, which has become viral. One of the couples was caught on camera 'kissing' while enjoying the match between Gujrat and Delhi at Pune stadium and social media users created memes in response.

IPL 2022 in India

This year's IPL is being held in India, with all of the league's matches taking place on the grounds of Mumbai and Pune. In addition, this year's tournament has a total of ten teams, increasing the excitement of the IPL with each match.

Simultaneously with the matches, there is a discussion about the players' performance in the IPL.

How Twitterati reacted to the 'Kissing-couple' picture


"Breaking: Kiss cam now introduced in IPL" one user wrote.

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