Jassie Gill introduced his character from his upcoming Punjabi movie 'Fufad Ji' along with Binnu Dhillon and Gurnam Bhullar!

written by Ritika Nath | July 06, 2021

‘Fufad Ji’ is one of the most anticipated upcoming Punjabi movies we all are looking forward to. The film stars Binnu Dhillon and Gurnam Bhullar in the lead roles that were announced long time back. But now, another stellar actor’s name is added.

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The actor is none other than charming Jassie Gill who will also be seen in the upcoming Punjabi movie ‘Fufad Ji’. The announcement of the same was made official by Jassie Gill himself as he took to his Instagram to share a picture along with Gurnam Bhullar and Binnu Dhillon and captioned the same as, “Meet Shinda from #Fuffarji directed by @iampankajbatra paaji along with @binnudhillons veera & @gurnambhullarofficial All the three stellar actors are donning in their pagri look, while looking straight into the camera.
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Stunning actress Sidhika Sharma will be seen opposite Jassie Gill. Meanwhile, Jasmin Bajwa and Alankrita Sahai will be seen opposite Gurnam Bhullar and Binnu Dhillon respectively. The movie is helmed by Pankaj Batra who has also directed the film ‘High End Yaariyan’. ALSO READ: After the success of ‘Jaagde Raho’ Arjan Dhillon releases his much awaited track ‘Pehli Peshi’!
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The shooting is the film is currently on the floors with the all the stars featured in the film. Needless, to say that Jassie Gill is making us skip our heartbeat with his turban look in the movie.
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