Kangana Ranaut, On The Third Day Of Navratri Reveals How She Has Made Her 'Manali Residence' For 'Sandhya'

written by Diksha Kapoor | March 28, 2020

Kangana Ranaut is following 'Sadhana' routine during this Navratri. With the lockdown during these religious days, it is impossible for Kangana to go to Devi’s temple and offer prayers. So, she is seen praying in the temple of her own house. She is not fasting these days rather is doing 'Sadhana' which according to her shall help in finding answers to various questions.

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Why #KanganaRanaut likes to do Sadhana and why is it important for everyone.

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Kangana on the third day of Navratri has come up with a video where she is seen pouring her heart out. She questions people to why are they finding her ‘Sadhana' strange. She rather felt strange to why people are calling her 'Yogi' or 'Sanyasi' these days. In the video, she told that people think Kangana is a star, a fashionista, the best actress so how can she meditate or opt for 'Sandhya'?  But Kangana on the other hand, thinks it is not about earning money only. Kangana clarified in the video how people are today running after 'Capitalism' only.
In the video, Kangana revealed how she could have spent her money anywhere else but she has specially constructed her 'Manali Residence' for the purpose of 'Sandhya' only. Not many knew this before, but this is for the first time Kangana has revealed it in front of public. She told in the video how she likes being successful but she definitely does not want her acting to eat her up or consume her entire life. So, she is doing 'Sandhya' these days. Kangana has given a different perspective to spend Navratri while staying locked at your own houses.


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