Kartar Cheema pays a heartfelt tribute to late actor Deep Sidhu via song 'Yaad' by Sardar Sidhu

written by Ritika Nath | February 23, 2022

Deep Sidhu's death has left everyone heartbroken. His family, friends, and coworkers are overcome with emotion, and they find it difficult to express themselves. Perhaps this is why artist Sardar Sidhu chose to write a song for the late actor, and Kartar Cheema featured in the video of the same Punjabi actor.


The song's poster was shared by Kartar Cheema on his social media account. The song is dedicated to Deep Sidhu and is titled 'Yaad Unforgettable.' Sardar Sidhu's vocals and music, as well as Harman Kooner's lyrics, will be released shortly. Balli Maan and Nick Dhanju also contributed to the video's production.

darshan aulakh and sunny deol with deep sidhu image from Instagram

The singer-actor Deep Sidhu was traveling from Gurugram with his girlfriend Reena Rai, who was also hurt in the crash. Deep Sidhu died en route to the hospital, according to accounts, while Reena Rai was knocked out.

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A day later, Reena Rai took to social media to share a flood of photos of late actor Deep Sidhu, along with a poignant statement for the singer. However, she has already removed the message from her social media account, surprising both herself and Deep Sidhu's fans and followers.

Talking about the song Yaad, for Deep Sidhu, the song was delayed due to some technical issues. Actor Kartar Cheema recently took to his social media and informed about the same. However, the actor promised to release the song ASAP.

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