Kaur B Treats Fans With  A Selfie Video Singing Her Favorite Song

written by Sakshi Batra | May 29, 2018

Kaur B Treats Fans With  A Selfie Video Singing Her Favorite Song. "Engaged Jatti" has once again treated her fans with her selfie video and this time trust us, she is looking damn cute. Well! this is not the new thing to be said for Kaur B, she always looks cute in whatever she wears and does for her fans. This time she has come up with an old song which she says is her favorite one. She has sung it in a bubbly manner and we are loving her more and more each day. kaur b Kaur B shared the video on her social platform and we have brought that exclusively for our readers right here. She captioned it,

  • kaurbmusicMainu Sohna Lagda Eh song?❤ Tuhanu Kidan Lagea ??
https://www.instagram.com/p/BjUwNXInrO8/?taken-by=kaurbmusic Her latest released song "Engaged Jatti" has crossed more than 20 million views on Youtube. Kaur B shared the video with fans. The scenes in the video shared shows the full contentment and happiness in Kaur B's eyes and face for the success of her song "Engaged Jatti".   https://www.instagram.com/p/BjUleIangUb/?taken-by=kaurbmusic There is alot of work and dedication needed to complete a video song. We always miss that. We appreciate what we see on screen. Actually, it's a teamwork that reflects on screen and people appreciates the artists. Kaur B Sleighs Bhangra In Her High Heels. Kaur B’s latest released song “Engaged Jatti” has become the love of all the young ladies. She has beautifully danced in the song and like always, she is looking outstandingly beautiful in every outfit she is wearing in the song. The song is beautifully choreographed and the hard work behind the video could be seen on screen. But, what is behind the camera and the making of the video song is always missed by us. Kaur B shared the making of the video song “Engaged Jatti” with fans on her social platforms. She captioned it,
  • kaurbmusicAyeee HighHeel Aali Kaur Da Bhangra?????? !!


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