Laara Dutta shocked on her 4 year old daughter knowing the meaning of Divorce

written by Kirti Pathak | December 01, 2021

Former Miss Universe was taken over by her daughter who was aware of the concept of divorce at the age of four. Recently Lara Dutta made a confession that she was stunned to know that her four years old daughter learned from her father about divorce while she was watching Friends with him.

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The actress is married to tennis legend Mahesh Bhupathi and has a daughter named Saira who has definitely intelligent like her parents.

Laara Dutta recently featured in the digital series titled Hiccups and Hookups, and she has been busy promoting it. While giving an interview the actress revealed that her husband Mahesh’s favorite series on the online platform is Friends which has also become favorite of her daughter.

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She said, “His favourite show ever is Friends, which he got my daughter hooked on to when she was just four years old. So at four, my daughter came and asked me one day, 'Mum...' she was playing a game and she said, 'Oh, I'm living. This is my house, that's your house and I'm divorced.' And I almost had a heart attack, because I was just like 'What are you saying? Who told you? What is divorce?' and she's like, 'Oh when two people are in a bad marriage and don't get along and they're living separately, it means they are divorced”.

She further elaborated the incident saying, “She was five years old and I was like, 'Who told you this?' She said, ‘Daddy did’. I was like ‘Mahesh, why the hell have you told her what divorce is?' and he started laughing. He was like, 'No we were watching Friends and she wanted to know why was Ross married three times.' I was like, 'So you told her the meaning of divorce?' That's the kind of parents we are.”

Laughing yet worried Lara shared the incidence in an interview. The couple has been happily married since 2011 and gave birth to Saira in 2012. Post the birth of their daughter, Laara took the back seat in the world of acting while doing very small projects. The actress does believe in the value of parenting and makes sure that her daughter is never alone.

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Speaking about parenting she said, “Being with Saira throughout her early years was my first priority when she was born. Mahesh and I agreed that one parent would always be with Saira full-time amongst the two of us. As a result, my role selections were heavily influenced by that criterion. It had to be worthwhile to leave Saira and go to work."

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