"Live in the NOW. Together, we WILL overcome this" says Shilpa Shetty on the current Covid-19 situation!

written by Ritika Nath | May 03, 2021

Shilpa Shetty who is an active participant on her social media handles, always brings exceptional things via her posts.

Besides, making funny videos with family and friends, her cooking videos, she always tries her best to spread positivity with her posts and pictures.

Image Source: Instagram

Recently, amid the Covid-19 Pandemic where India and the whole world is going through an unprecedent times, she tried to spread positive vibes through a picture on her social media handles.

Not only the picture but also the caption that she wrote is worth a read for everyone, as we all are going through a devastating situation.

The statement shared by Shilpa read as, "We’re all reading about the actual situation around us and it is absolutely devastating. This news plays on the mind all the time and leads the mind to very dark places. But then, there are posts and news about complete strangers helping people desperately in need of help. People who are cooking meals for COVID patients living alone, volunteers driving down to people needing medical assistance, and doctors providing information & guidance via online sessions. So reassuring! If we can do something for someone, we definitely must! But if not, don’t panic excessively. Tune out for a little while, inhale deeply, and believe that it will get better from here."

Image Source: Instagram

Shilpa further concluded the post by asking everyone to stay positive and 'Live in the preset'. With her faith, hope and positive energy she tries to help people understand that bad times doesn't lasts for long.

She added, "Live in the NOW.
Together, we WILL overcome this. We will walk through this time towards a better tomorrow. Faith and hope are what we need right now☀️❤️"


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Shilpa Shetty Image Source: Instagram

This is not the first time, Shilpa had spread her positive energy; as in many of her previous  posts she is seen motivating people to stay strong and patient for the good times which may come soon.

Talking about Shilpa Shetty's work front, she will be next seen in 'Hungama 2'- a sequel of super hit film 'Hungama' which was released in 2003 that also starred Paresh Rawal, Meezan Jaaferi and Pranitha Subhash in pivotal roles.


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