Lohri 2019 Special: Top Old & New Songs You Should Play During Lohri Celebrations

written by Karan Nanda | January 11, 2019

Lohri is considered as the winter time punjabi folk festival for Punjabi's present across the globe. Besides Punjab, Lohri festival is celebrated in parts of Jammu and Kashmir, Haryana, Delhi, Rajasthan and other surrounding areas.

This year the Punjabi folk festival of Lohri will be celebrated on January 13th i.e Sunday.

Lohri marks the beginning of the time when farmers start sowing rabi crops like sugarcane and that’s a major reason for any agrarian community to celebrate.

Lohri marks the end of winter season, and is a traditional welcome of longer days and sun's journey to the northern hemisphere by Sikhs and Hindus in Punjab. There is a bonfire at sunset. It’s all about enjoying the moment. And, no festival is complete without dancing.

There are various Bollywood and traditional folk songs which are dedicated to the festival.

Here we are listing some of the best songs which can be played during your Lohri celebration.

Lohri (Asa Nu Maan Watna Da): Sung by legendry Punjabi singers Jaspinder Narula and Harbhajan Mann, this song will turn up the festive mood.

Lodi (Veer Zaara): This song will pump up your mood and you won’t stop yourself from shaking a leg.

Sunder Mundriye Ho: This Lohri song by Daler Mehndi is also among the best songs to played during the festival.

Massan Leya: This is again a delight for Lohri lovers. The song is sung by Raj Ghumman.

Sanu De Lohri: Another song by Raj Ghumman.

We wish our readers a Happy Lohri and a very Happy New Year!

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