Miss PTC Punjabi 2019 Glimpses

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The biggest platform for beautiful Punjabi Mutiyaars

PTC Miss Punjabi is a platform to seek, recognize, encourage & nurture hidden beauty and talent across the Punjabi community and help fulfil their aspirations and dreams. Grooming of the contestants will be such that participants will be prepared for their future career in various fields including film & television.

Miss PTC Punjabi 2018

Punjabi Mutiyar

Miss PTC Punjabi, the Great Platform That Allows Punjab’s Daughters to Showcase Their Talent in Front of the Whole World, Has Snapped All the Conservative Barriers that Regard Girls as Liability.

Outdoor Rounds

Miss PTC Punjabi 2017

After a Brief Halt of Four Years, Miss PTC Punjabi 2017 was back on Public demand.

2017 Auditions