Muddy Indian Farmers Show The World How To Take Kiki Challenge In A Safer Way

written by Pallavi Sood | August 09, 2018

A new video of two farmers is making rounds on the internet, in which they are visible taking the popular “Kiki Challenge”. From the increasing popularity of this video it appears that the internet has already crowned the winner of the dangerous Kiki challenge. Well! It’s not won by any actor or celebrity but a duo of farmers from a small village from Telangana. They have claimed the victory with their safe and eco-friendly no-car performance, which is safe and at the same time entertaining as well.

Here is the video of two farmers from a small village in Telangana, India.:

Well! We never knew that the monsoon rice paddies of the Southern India can be a place for joyless toil. Geela Anil Kumar, 24, and 28-year-old Pilli Thirupatti’s freestyle dance and swirls while knees deep in the mud ploughing the field with a pair of bullocks isn’t a thing that captures internet regularly.

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Their simplicity and charm clubbed with the charm of the hit popular track “Kiki Do You Love Me” is something making this video a big hit amongst internet lovers. The video is already viewed millions of times and the count is increasing every minute.

Kiki Challenge

Filmmaker Sriram Srikanth conceptualized and uploaded this video on his YouTube channel “My Village Show” and it went viral from there. Today, the everyone who is active on internet knows about this dance by two farmers. They are giving an idea to the youngsters not to follow anyone blindly but take challenges in their own way, being more concerned about their safety.

Kiki Challenge The 38 second video came to limelight when Trevor Noah, host of “The Daily Show” On Comedy Central, posted their video on social media and said, “I think they just won the Keke challenge”. The Kiki challenge is something that will surely leave generations scratching their heads. Celebrities are going crazy for this challenge and are uploading their videos on social media taking up the challenge. But now everyone should stop doing that after watching the video of two farmers dancing and taking up the challenge in a very eco-friendly way.


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