Nation Is Proud Of 10-Yr-Old Arshdeep For Winning Photographer Of The Year Award

written by Karan Nanda | October 22, 2018

10-year-old Arshdeep Singh from Jalandhar has made the entire nation proud after he won the Wildlife Photographer of the Year award for his photograph titled, ‘Pipe Owls’, in a contest organised by Britain’s Natural History Museum. Arshdeep’s award-winning photograph features a couple of owlets nesting inside a pipe. The 10-year-old captured the moment while he was on the way to Punjab’s Kapurthala District. He was accompanied his father. After winning the award, Arshdeep took to his Facebook handle to share a message with his followers. He wrote: "I would like to thank my family because without their support this wasn't really possible. Thank you for motivating and supporting me. Special thanks to my grandparents, parents and my sister." The ‘wonder kid’ started taking photos at the age of six and his photographs had published in leading magazines and newspapers in India and abroad. Arshdeep’s Facebook page is full of some stunning pictures he captured in his lens. During an Interview with Indian Express, Arshdeep revealed that he uses D-500 SLR to capture the amazing moments.  


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