New Parliament Building All Set To Open In 2022, Know Its Insights

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 11, 2020

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is ready to place the foundation stone of the new Parliament Building. He was also part of the event for the same. Other party leaders have also attended the function along with Mr. Modi. The function was attended by Lok Sabha speaker Om Birla, Pralhad Venkatesh Joshi, Hardeep S. Puri, Harivansh Narayan Singh.

The building is expected to be complete by 2022 and the total budget for the construction is ₹971 crores. The building is the inherent part of the "Aatmanirbhar Bharat". It will be a milestone chance to build the first peoples' Parliament post-partition.

New Parliament building's unheard information you must know:

  1. The function took place at 12:55 pm, whereas the foundation stone of the building was placed at 1:00 pm. At 2:15 pm, Narendra Modi delivered his speech on the auspicious occasion.
  2. The building will be a modern architectural monument, adjoining the former Parliament building. The shape of the building will be triangular.
  3. It will cover an area of 64,500 square meters.
  4. The building will also include a constitution hall. The hall will showcase India's democratic legacy, a library, numerous committee rooms, a dining area, Parliament members lounge, and a sufficient parking area.


  5. The building is designed for more comfortable seating arrangements, sufficient emergency evacuation facility, better audio-visual quality. It will have more safety structural measures, also easy ways for the maintenance will be there.
  6. The Lok Sabha hall of the parliament will include 888 seating capacity for the members, whereas Rajya Sabha will have 384 seating capacity. The Lok Sabha hall is designed in a way that it can increase the seating arrangement to 1,224 members.
  7. The structure is designed in the knowledge, that the members of both Sabha may increase in the coming times.
  8. The building will be a Central Vista redevelopment project and will be constructed near the former Parliament building. In September 2020, Tata projects Limited was given the responsibility for constructing the new building.
  9. Talking about the already existing Parliament building, it was made back in the British-India period. The designer of the building was Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker. The duo was also given the responsibility for the construction of Delhi.
  10. The current Parliament building's foundation stone was kept on 12 February 1921. It took almost 6 years to complete the construction and the budget of the building lasted for ₹83 Lakh. The opening ceremony of the building was on January 18, 1927. The ceremony was performed by Lord Irwin, the then Governor-General of India.

Aren't you eager to see it?

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