PM Narendra Modi Solace The Death Of Former Legendary Football Player Diego Maradona

written by Diksha Kapoor | November 28, 2020

India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi shared a heartfelt message on Thursday for the late Diego Maradona. He took to his social media,“Diego Maradona was a maestro of football, who enjoyed global popularity. Throughout his career, he gave us some of the best sporting moments on the football field. His untimely demise has saddened us all. May his soul rest in peace.” Apart from Mr. Modi, several other politicians also paid their valuable condolences. Diego Maradona 1

Diago was an Argentina player, who took the team of his nation to another level during the 1986 football match. The match happened in Mexico, where Diago made Argentina proud and won the World Cup Tournament. He made a goal in the 51 minutes against England during the quarter-final. The goal made by him was further named as ‘Hand of God’ goal.

modi tweet

In the same match, he made another goal by defeating 6 players of England, the goal was named as “Goal of the Century” by FIFA. A very popular statement made by Diego, which can never be forgotten is “I scored a little with the head of Maradona and a little with the hand of God.”


Diego Maradona

Diago Maradona has left the world at the age of 60. He had a Cardiac Arrest at his address. He was going through drug abuse and obesity problems. His death has left not just his nation but the whole world numb. He will always be remembered as a legend, who invested his heart and soul in the game.

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