Farzikhaana- Next Change on PTC Box Office

written by Aakash Rawal | November 20, 2018

PTC Box Office, known for showcasing a bouquet of rare Punjabi films, will showcase another master class ‘Farzikhaana’ this weekend on PTC Punjabi. Directed by prolific filmmaker Mukesh Gautam, ‘Farzikhaana’ will be premiered at the PTC Box Office on Friday, 23rd November at 7.00 PM. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_TNm-1pi0vg ‘Farzikhaana’ has a lot of twists and will hook you from the beginning and as it progresses, you won't be able to think about anything else but what is to come. Story Plot ‘Farzikhaana’ is about a small happy family of Ajit who lives in Chandigarh with his wife Aman and his daughter Tessy. Aman is a homemaker and she is in madly love with husband Ajit. Aman’s this madness sometimes turns in possessiveness which in result brings insecurity in her mind. Their maid Param is an important character in the film. She is young and beautiful and she take cares of all of Ajit’s household chores. But, Param, owing to her possessive nature, always try to keep her eye on her maid and Ajit. She is so insecure that she doesn’t want her husband to interact with the maid. PTC Box Office Farzikhaana One day, a woman, Ishan, lands up at Ajit’s home. She introduces herself to Aman as Ajit’s old friend and is in Chandigarh for some research work. As Ishan and Ajit are old friends, so she will start staying with them. PTC Box Office Farzikhaana Ishan is a strong girl with ‘Happy Go Lucky’ nature. She manages to everyone’s heart at home. Ishan’s this bubbly nature will generate insecurity in Aman’s mind. Besides with family members, Ishan gets friendly with maid Param. They are now like best pals and share their secrets among them. As the bond between them goes strong, Ishan finds that Param is not happy from inside and struggling with depression. PTC Box Office Farzikhaana One day, Param makes a shocking revelation to Ishan and tells her that she is pregnant. As Param is still unmarried, her parents discard her. Whose baby Param is carrying? Will, she gets her share of love? Who will accept Param now? All these twists will unfold this Friday. Watch making and behind the scenes of the film: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FydJn7bngIo Director Mukesh Gautam has tried to bring the best from the characters in this creative piece of craft. Don’t forget to watch this performance-based cinema on November 23 at 8 PM only on PTC Punjabi. You can watch it again on Sunday, November 25 at 12.30 pm.


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