PTC Box Office: Scent of Shalimar

written by Kirti Pathak | March 04, 2021

PTC Box Office is going to bring another beautiful piece ‘Scent Of Shalimar’ for the viewers directed by Sukhwant Dhaddha who has also written, produced, and acted in it. The blend of comedy and romance will showcase the sweet and sour relationship of Gill Saab and Rose and how their relationship affects their respective families.

Scent Of Shalimar Scent Of Shalimar

The two have been visiting a place for more than 15 years, filled with Fireflies where the two remember the old Scent of Shalimar.  Gill and Rose are married to other respective partners, where the two still continue to enjoy the company of each other every year in the lights of Fireflies and good music.

Scent Of Shalimar Scent Of Shalimar

The story takes a turn, which lands them up to the hospital, ultimately revealing the truth to their families. Post the revelation, will the families accept the fact that their parents are with someone else or there will be a tough reaction? What reaction Gill’s wife and Saab’s Husband will have of this relation? Watch how the suspense will unfold in the ‘Scent Of Shalimar’ at 7pm on March 5th only on PTC Punjabi.

Scent Of Shalimar Scent Of Shalimar


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