PTC Records To Make You Shine With Your Talent

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 08, 2020

PTC Network has always stepped up when it comes to highlighting the talent of its viewers, whether it is singing talent, dancing talent, or being an all-rounder. Now the network has brought another talent hunt and support to the talented people of Punjab with its new initiative under the PTC Records banner. Talented singers, musicians can get on talking terms with the team of PTC Records to grab this opportunity as PTC Records will showcase their work across the world and will take the responsibility to build, manage, promote and help their work on social media platforms. ALSO READ: JAANI TO BRING ANOTHER SONG FOR ‘TITLIAAN’ SONG LOVERS
Apart from PTC Records, the team of PTC Network will cross-promote the song and the artist on its all the platforms. PTC Records will release the video song on PTC Records’ Youtube channel and further control all the digital promotions of the song. So what are you waiting for? Send in your talented video now!


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