PUBG Returns Back To India As PUBG Mobile India!

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 01, 2020

PUBG mobile is all set to return back in India. PUBG along with several apps was banned in India a few months ago because of it's connection with China. The game originally belongs to South Korea, so the makers of the game decided to part their ways from China's Tencent.

The PUBG corporation of South Korea is now ready to launch the game with a new name "PUBG Mobile India". The right of the game in India will be communal with PUBG India Pvt. Ltd.

PUBG will be wholly available to Indian users by December 2020. PUBG will be first available for android users and further for IOS users. By the end of this year the game will be available for all gamers. The new launch will bring customisation option for all users, it will have new features and setting options as well.

The new version will have the players avatar in clothes when the game starts, in the before version, it would appear only in garments. The game will also have more avatar options, along with clothing section. While playing the game the hit alert used to be red, however now the red alert will be as green alert to review the virtual nature of game.


Prior to new version the old version didn't had any time restrictions but the new one will have. The owners of the game have decided to put a time limit for the gamers. This restriction will promote a healthy game play, instead a hectic one.

The older account that users used to login with may not work anymore. Which means the gamers will be required to create a new account to login the game. Another new update about the game is, the owners of PUBG Mobile India have signed a deal with Microsoft so that microsoft users will also be able to play it.


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