Salman Khan Praises Guru Randhawa For Bringing 'Ishare Tere'  

written by Sakshi Batra | July 29, 2018

Salman Khan Praises Guru Randhawa For Bringing 'Ishare Tere'. Guru Randhawa latest released track "Ishare Tere" is a perfect party booster. He went on the sets of "Dus Ka Dum" which is hosted by the Sultan Of Bollywood Salman Khan. His song was played on the sets of "Dus Ka Dum" and Salman Khan appreciated Guru's song "Ishare Tere". We could see Salman Khan smiling as soon as the lyrics of the song get started in the video.

guru randhawa

Guru Randhawa shared the video on his Instagram account and the caption he has written for the post expresses how happy he was sharing the song on Salman Khan's set of "Dus Ka Dum".


The song carries the music label of T-Series music. It has got has got more than 25 million views on Youtube in a couple of days. This is the third year of Guru Randhawa with T-Series and till now he has got 18 songs from 2015 to the year 2018. Yes, you got that right. That was the start with the song “Patola” to the song “Made In India”. Many of his songs are reprised and recreated for the Bollywood movies.

Guru Randhawa’s song “Ishare Tere’ is quite different from his previously released songs. We have always seen him using the expensive brands, big cars, luxury and exotic locations were chosen, for the video of his songs. But, this song is shot inside the Club and we are sure his fans will groove on his upcoming song like anything.

His song “Raat Kamal Hai” was also a party song and was shot in a club. That song also carried the music label of T-Series and the female vocal of the song was given by Tulsi Kumar. Khushali Kumar was the female lead alongside Guru in the song.


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