Singh is King! Sikh man sells fuel at huge loss; the reason will make you feel proud of him

written by Rajan Nath | June 13, 2022

Humanity is still alive! Sikh man Jaswiendre Singh, a gas station owner from US' Phoenix, is giving his contribution to the society, towards the humanity. You might have seen Marvel's superheroes wearing various costumes and having supernatural powers but some heroes wear turbans and Jaswiendre is proving it.

Businessmen, these days, want to make money and only profits; no one wants losses. However, an Indian-origin Sikh man in the US state of Arizona, Jaswiendre Singh is happily bearing the losses.

He is losing out over $500 a day as he is selling fuel at a lower price to help local residents. While the prices of almost all commodities are rising, people around the world are grappling to manage their expenses.

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Meanwhile, Jaswiendre Singh is being called a hero for selling fuel at a loss of around 1,000 gallons daily on average. As per the report, he bought gas from his supplier at $5.66 a gallon while he is selling it at $5.19 a gallon, cheaper by 47 cents than the purchase price.

While talking to a local media, he said, “To give a break to the customer and my community. People don’t have the money right now and my mother and my father taught us to help if we have something. If you have something you have to share with other people."

His gesture went viral on social media and is earning plaudits across the globe. One user said, “Not all heroes wear capes, some heroes wear turbans," while another said, "Singh is King".

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