Sonia Maan Giving Fitness Goals By Sharing Her Gyming Videos

written by Sakshi Batra | July 26, 2018

Sonia Maan Giving Fitness Goals By Sharing Her Gyming Videos. Sonia Maan is the beautiful face of Punjabi Entertainment Industry. She has been seen as the female model for a number of Punjabi songs. Her songs "Trending Nakhra", "Difference", "Yaari Teri", "Teeje Week" and many others have always been in our favorite list. Today we have got her gyming and working hard in the gym to get that camera perfect body.

sonia maan

Sonia Maan doing this yoga asana so flawless which is the inspiration to the other people. Have a look at the video and she how effortlessly she is doing it.

Here is another video from her official handle to which she has captioned that she has found her love. Love for fitness. She looks like a hardcore gymmer.

Sonia Maan had shared a couple more pictures on her social handle in which she is looking picture perfect and stunning. Here is the one, which we found the best out of the lot.


We have shared the fitness and gyming videos of other Punjabi artists as well. Punjabi Entertainment Industry is filled with fitness freaks, and this is the best part about it. All the people are getting very serious about their health.

Earlier were times when people hardly care for their body and think about their fitness. But, if we look around today, everybody's first concern is fitness and health. The reason could be the hectic and fast moving life, where people could not find time to take care of themselves. Moreover, the physical activities have become very less. So, people move towards the gym and follow strict diets to remain fit.


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