Sonia Mann Resumes Work After Lockdown

written by Diksha Kapoor | August 27, 2020

While the country was in complete lockdown and there was no news of people resuming their work, now celebs have gone back to work and started with the new normal. As the shops and stores have opened up the government has announced rules for shooting as well. Recently, Punjabi and Hindi actor and music videos model, Sonia Mann shot for an edible product in Ludhiana. Commenting on the shoot, Sonia says, “This is the first time I have shot for a dairy brand. I had a great time shooting for it. We took all safety precautions as prescribed by the govt as SOPs. I just hope I will be able to entertain you guys as we could before the pandemic struck the world.”

Sonia who has endorsed brands in the past too, become the first celebrity volunteer amid COVID-19 lockdown when she helped the Punjab police to distribute free ration and daily supplies in the villages of Punjab to the poor and needy. After the lockdown, Sonia did a Punjabi music video ‘Jugni Da Mahiya’ where she played Heer and which was shot in Saifdipur Qilla in Punjab. She has featured in five films including the Punjabi film like ‘Haani’ opposite Harbhajan Mann and ‘Happy Hardy Heer’ with Himesh Reshammiya among others.


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