Sunanda Sharma Birthday: Here Is How She Celebrated The Day

written by Diksha Kapoor | January 31, 2020

Popular Punjabi singer Sunanda Sharma, who is famous for crooning songs like ‘Patake’, ‘Tere Naal Nachna’, ‘Jaani Tera Naa’, Duji Vaar Pyar’ among others celebrated her birthday on January 30. The singer had a beautiful surprise from her family and friends as they decorated her room with balloons and lights. Here is how Sunanda Sharma celebrated her birthday and what her brother gifted her. She thanked everyone for the lovely wishes and captioned the post as: "Happy birthday to me? Thank you thank you thank you everyone ?❤️??For birthday wishes I am blessed to have you all in my life.? I Pray to god ki sab nu vadiya life mile , sab diya khushiya pooriya hon te ,sab apne parents nu khush rakhan , and aon wale papera vich sab pass hojaan ?.? P.s:- sorry for my kiddish behaviour(dil toh bacha hai ji )??"

Besides, her cake was just a replica of herself from her recently released song ‘Duji Vaar Pyar’. Sunanda has recently sung the song ‘Duji Vaar Pyar’. The song is all about falling in love for the second time with the same person. The song makes you realize the importance of love, sacrifices you have to make for that person and what love can make you do in life. The song, with lyrics by Jaani, and music by SukhE has reached over 55 million views in less than a month.


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