Taalluq: Story Of A Courageous Journalist Will Be Shown Next On PTC Box Office

written by Karan Nanda | May 15, 2019

PTC Box Office movie ‘Taalluq’ is the story of a courageous and conscientious journalist who risks her life by refusing to compromise the ideals of her profession. Manasi has inherited her boldness and honesty from her grandfather, an ex-cop who got paralyzed after getting hit in an encounter. She antagonizes a nexus of powerful people when she tries to expose their criminal activities. She finds that the management of the newspaper for which she writes as well as the saviours of the society have given in to the pressure of these disguised criminals wearing the masks of nobleness. Even Manasi’s own father, who also is a cop, lacks the courage to take a stand against the evil doers. He thinks that his daughter is a stubborn and foolish girl and she should not put herself in trouble by challenging such criminals as can harm her. On the other hand, Manasi’s grandfather advises her to listen to her conscience only. But he can’t help her much as he is confined to his bed. Manasi decides to stick to her ideals and refuses to be intimidated by all threats. Now the inevitable happens and Manasi gets abducted. What finally happens with Manasi? Does she get decimated or she emerges victorious? Written and directed by Ravi Deep, ‘Taalluq’ will be shown on May 17 at 8:45 pm only at PTC Punjabi.


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