Tarsem Jassar join hands with Wazir Patar for his upcoming EP 'DefCon 1'; first look out

written by Ritika Nath | January 29, 2022

Tarsem Jassar has returned with some wonderful news. For the Punjabi Music Industry in 2022, the fire of albums that erupted in 2021 does not appear to have died down. Tarsem Jassar revealed the title of his upcoming EP a few days ago. DEFCON 1 is the working title.

Also worth noting is the fact that Wazir Patar is mentioned in the official poster announcement. As it turns out, the rumors were correct! Tarsem Jassar and Wazir Patar will collaborate on DEFCON 1 for the first time. There will be a total of five tracks. Tarsem's official social media account made the announcement.

Image Source: Instagram

While the EP's title is unusual, the meaning behind it is even more so. DEFCON 1 isn't your ordinary funky game!

The Defense Readiness Condition, or Defcon, is a state of alert employed by the US Armed Forces.

Vehli Janta Records will put out the album. The poster has an entirely new feel and mood to it, which we've never seen before from a Tarsem Jassar. Tarsem is undeniably a talented musician, but his compositions have a distinct vibe to them, one that is refined.

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Image Source: Instagram

The EP's title isn't just a title, according to the caption. It could have a number of connotations, as well as a hint concerning the EP's song titles.

Wazir is a fantastic music producer that is at the peak of his field right now. The two most recently worked together on the smash hit "Kingpin." This explosive duo's original and fresh EP is something we are eagerly anticipating.

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