‘The Divorce Party’ – Next Showing At PTC Box Office

written by PTC Punjabi Admin | November 29, 2018

Marriages are made in heaven…but separations are made in desperations…From the platter of PTC BOX OFFICE, The Divorcee Party is surely ready to tickle your funny bone. Slowpal Singh and Tej Kaur are young couple and in love with each other. In spite of having difference of approach in life, they decided to get married. As usual, they promise each other that not only this life, they will be together for 7 lives. Slowpal is a philosophical in nature. He always tries to adjust his philosophy in every angle of life. Too much philosophy, taking every minute thing in life so seriously. On the other side his wife Tej Kaur justifies her name very well. She is energetic, ambitious girl who wants to excel in her field. After marriage as soon as Tej Kaur and Slowpal started living under one roof, they realize they are so opposite to each other. Actually, they are so opposite that they put the phrase “ opposite attracts each other “ under big question mark. Now Tej Kaur started getting irritated with the laid back attitude and very impractical nature of Slowpal. And Slowpal started feeling jealous with his own wife as she gets attention and acclamation from everywhere. Their difference of opinion creates a big confusion in the marriage and eventually they land up finding each other perfectly mismatch.  So they decided to take divorce and lead each other’s life with their own mindset and choices.  These crazy couple decides that they will throw a party before them gets separate. “Celebration of Separation", with this fantastic idea they invite people and friends to raise the toast. Ultimately this party turns into series of comic event which will tickle your funny bone. So what happens at divorcee party? Did this party brings U turn in their life or they take divorce by pulling each other’s hair. The Divorcee Party is a comic creation directed by crazy maker Jasraj Bhatti.  So this Friday sit with a bowl of you popcorn in front of your television and enjoy the unconventional, fulfilled presentation of PTC Box Office, at 7pm only on PTC Punjabi.


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