This Kerala Man Serves Tea In A Very Unique Way, Reminds Us Of Rajnikanth

written by Pallavi Sood | September 12, 2018

For most of the Indians their day begins with a cup of tea. If you had a long tiring day at your office, what else can be more relaxing than a cup of tea, especially the famous one from Kerala. Anything related to tea in our country tends to grab people’s attention. A video is making rounds on social media featuring a man serving tea in his unique way. Though, there is nothing more special with this video but just a man serving tea using a unique technique has got everybody’s attention.

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Shared by BBC journalist, Megha Mohan, this 40 second clip is of The Chappati Factory in Ponnani, Kerala. The man featured in this video takes the glass of tea and with a quick movement mixes the three-layer and serves the glass to his customers.

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This video has gone viral with more than 9 Lakh views for now, leaving everyone astonished. While many are impressed with the technique being used by this man, others are questioning the way he is doing it. Here are some trending comments:

Another unique style of serving tea during Kerala floods has appeared in the comments put on the video shared by Megha Mohan,


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