This Sikh Man From Tamil Nadu Is Inspiring Others To Respect Every Culture. Read His Story Here

written by Karan Nanda | May 04, 2019

One of the major principles of Sikhism is to consider all human races equal, regardless of caste, color, class, culture, gender, wealth, and religion. Maintaining this legacy, a Sikh man in Tamil Nadu is winning the internet for his commitment towards his religion and culture. This Sikh man is newest internet sensation. Actually, this Sikh man, while staying in Tamil Nadu, married a Sikh girl. Despite being living out of Punjab, this Sikh couple maintained their religion and culture and respected the local culture too by living their daily life as South Indians. His pictures are going viral on social media with many praising this Sikh man for carrying forward the legacy of Sikhism.  Here are some of the reactions.


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