1. Be Thankful

Early morning habits starts off with a happy feeling that you need to bring from within. Rise early and think what you are thankful for and write it down if necessary. It will give you an instant boost to be positive throughout the day.

2. A Proper Schedule

Make a habit of waking up at a similar time everyday. It will give you a purpose of an active day throughout!

3. Clean Your Bed

Make your bed after little reading. It will give your body a push to stay physically active the whole day.

4. Schedule Your Tasks

Schedule your whole day in the set of varying times. Having a proper schedule of everything is the most efficient way of managing things on time!

5. The Morning Air

Open the windows and feel the air. Letting your lungs breathe the morning breeze is indeed a very healthy wait to stay fresh and fine.

6. Move and Hydrate

Exercise and drinking water in the morning is the way to keep your body healthy forever. Engaging in exercise keeps your muscles active and agile. and drinking of course clears your gut!

7. Music

Listening to good music is a great way to uplift your mood to 3X. Varying on individuals taste, the music differs and ofcourse that is okay until and unless that can make you feel better for the whole day.

8. Reading

Reading something is one of the foremost chore one should adapt after waking up. Not much, but reading at-least 10 pages a day can open up your nerves and keep you mentally stable the whole day.

9. With Close Ones

Everyone should grab some time in the wee hours of the morning to spend with our close ones. Family, friends or lovers, anything works to make you feel positive.

10. Feeding Yourself

Make yourself a healthy platter of breakfast, with foods that are healthy and full of nutrients, such as fruits, eggs and boosting drink.