10 summer hair color trends of 2023

Hair colors is one of the most preferred fashion statement to elevate one's look and personality. As trends are already setting in 2023, we will be taking you through the best summer hair color trends of 2023.

'Platinum with Roots' is a 2023 take on famous hair color trend of platinum blonde. The entire head is colored in faded blonde with it's roots left untouched.

'Riviera Blonde' got fame after Cannes 2023 when Elizabeth Sulcer reached the festival in a timeless blonde. The soft and creamy color dazzles with the sunlight.

'Sunset Rose' gives a coppery color to your hairs. It is a blonde mixture of pink and pastel orange. It a too modern take on basic red hairs.

'Strawberry Fields' is an another coppery hair transformation. It is a lighter version of red and a powerful version of strawberry blonde.

'Ginger glow' is a perfect summer glow to your hairs. The color is warm and sparkling at the same time.

'Cinnamon Copper' is modern, stylish and classy color for your summer hairs. The color is a copper based glossy hair which truly gives a character.

'Shadow Blonde' is a perfect blondie hair color for shorter hairs. For anyone cutting their hair up into bob, consider shadow blonde as your perfect option.

'Espresso Balayage' is a warmer and richer shade of espresso hairs. It is a lighter take of brunette.

'Toffee Brunette' is an intriguing dimensional shade which falls between darker blonde and dimensional brown hair. The color blends beautifully with the summer sun.

'90's Supermodel Highlight' is a classic shade coming back to life. The color looks interestingly natural yet out of the box.