Virat Kohli's Heartwarming Bond with Daughter Vamika

Virat Kohli cherished moments with their little princess.

Daddy's Little Princess

The endearing father-daughter relationship as Vamika proves she is truly her daddy's little princess.

Anushka and Vamika's Memorable Mother-Daughter Moments

Anushka and Vamika during their exotic vacation to the Maldives.

A Private Parenthood

the couple's approach to parenting as they share glimpses of Vamika's life without compromising her privacy.

Vamika Joins Anushka

the adorable moments when Vamika accompanies her mother

Work and Play

This dynamic duo exemplifies the perfect blend of work and play,

Daddy's Little Princess

The love and warmth radiate in this special pool-time snapshot

From Italy to the Maldives

This video captures the essence of their strong mother-daughter connection and the joy they find in each other's company.

Delightful times

Delightful times with their little munchkin, Vamika.

Mother Anushka

Anushka seamlessly balances as a dedicated mother and a successful professional.

couple's approach to parenting

Virat have made a conscious decision not to share pictures of their beloved daughter on social media, ensuring a balanced and private upbringing.