Raj Kumari

The only female rapper from India who is known internationally. She is even a Grammy Nominated Indian American rapper who has worked with numerous famous singers.

Yo Yo Honey Singh

Yo Yo Honey Singh is the godfather of Indian rap music. He who has given back-to-back superhit numbers like Blue eyes, Brown rang, angrezi beat and many more.


Badshah has to be Bollywood's favurite rapper. Precisely a muse! His superhit songs include Kar gayi chul, Mercy and DJ Wale Babu.

MC Stan

MC Stan is one of the most seeking rapper of the nation currently. His music highlights the classy Mumbaikar vibes and slum life he has led earlier


Raftaar once part of the group Matia Mundeer, he has eventually stumbled into his successful solo career. Today, he is a actor, TV Personality, dancer and a lyricist.


Divine rose to fame after his songs came with a huge impact on the youth which includes 'Mere Gully Mein' and 'Aake Dekhle'.


Current, KING is also included in the list of the most successful rappers of modern India as his songs like Aake Dekhle and Tu Maan Meri Jaan are surely two of his supreme masterpieces.


Naezy is well known for his unique way of rapping, like his storytelling technique while mixing with modern music. His most famous OG songs include Aafat and Meri Gully Mein.


The Vyanjan and Bata fame, Krishna is one of the newst name in the rapper realm.

Broddha V

This underrated yet now supreme player of rap music is known for blending classical music with modern hip-hop.