The recent declaration

Recently, Taste Atlas, a prominent global food guide has announced the ruling recipes for the year 2023-24 and I mind you, many of the Indian items has made their own space into the starry lists of mouth watering catalogue.

Butter Chicken

Indian origin Butter Chicken was discovered in 1950. Almost everyone's favorite Indian non-veg delicacy, this iconic recipe is listed into Top 10 Best Chciken dishes across the globe.


North Indian's favorite sweet/savory drink Lassi is a star drink in the list too. Among the list of Best Dairy drinks in the globe, while Mango Lassi ranked the top, Lassi was listed at 4, sweet lassi at 5th, followed by salted lassi at 12th position.


It's a whopping achievement for all the tea lovers as Indian's favorite baverage Chai has made it's starry place and ranked 3rd in the Best non-alcoholic drinks across the globe.

Basmati Rice

Indian origin Basmati rice is often known for it's long grains and aromatic fregrance. The rice has been declared as the best rice across the globe. Interestingly, India is a powerhouse for 34 variants of basmati rice.

Garam Masala

The starry spice of the Indian kitchen, Garam Masala has been ranked under the top spice blends and seasonings across the globe. It is amde while grinding cinnamon, cardamom, cumin seeds, pepper corns and several other dry spices.

Butter Garlic Naan

Mouth watering Butter Garlic Naan has successfully secured it's third spot in the list of World's Finest Breads. These are the most sought after flat breads made in tandoor with embedded flavors of garlic and oozing butter.

Chicken Tikka

India's most delicious starter/appetizer, 'Chciken Tikka' has also added it's name under Top 10 Chicken dishes across the world. Chicken pieces slow cooked in smoke after marinating with a blend oif spices with mouth lucious aromatic flavors.