Sarson Ka Saag

A winter special north Indian delicacy, Sarson Ka Saag is a thick leafy gravy prepared with green mustards, garlic, ginger and other spices. It is rich in iron, fiber and calcium.

Mixed Vegetable

Indian household's ultimate win has to go to varying veggies tossed in oil and spices. Made with different vegetables, mostly seasonal, it is a low calorie recipe with high fiber.


Speaking off dal, India is a land of lentils with a variety of different dals found easily. Be Toor, Masoor, Chana, every type of dal is filled with rich fiber, proteins and essential nutients.

Fish Curry

We all know, the benefits of indulging fish's while having food. The sea food is excessively filled with protein and essential vitamins that can be made through varied ways and curry is just a one.

Sprout Salad

It is a oil free recipe that is made with soaked sprouts and chana that are further boiled until soft and then tossed in spices, toppings, onions and tomatoes. It is very helpful for weight loss.

Tandoori Chicken

Deeply marinated Chicken with Indian spices and herbs, smoked in Tandoor. The roast flavor gives the most authentic Indian taste filled with spice and curd marination.


Made with curd, raita is a famous Indian side dish made with different styles. The raw curd is good for guts and makes digestion an easy process.


Made with rice, dal and spices, Khicdi is a super comforting one pot Indian meal, that is very healthy, light, easy to digest and balances blood sugar levels.