The portrayal of DC's iconic villain, Joker of 2019 is a thriller crime drama led by Joaquin Phoenix. It has earned $1.06 billion.

The Matrix Reloaded

It is a 2003 action sci-fi led by Keanu Reeves. It is also the sequel of the 1999 movie 'The Matrix' and made a whopping business of $738.5 million.


One of the most appreciated horror mystery, IT of 2017 is a Andrés Muschietti movie rated 7.3/10 on IMDb. It has earned $701 million.


The christopher Nolan's epic biographical drama of 2023 surely made headlines with an impeccable presentation. Based on the life of J Robert Oppenheimer, the movie has earned $955.2 million.


Deadpool is a 2016 action comedy and the first installment of the Deadpool franchise. The movie focused more into the older audiences but still made $782 million.

Deadpool 2

Directed by David Leitch, it is the 2nd movie of the Deadpool franchise. Released in 2018, the red suited superhero has gained another year of success and fame with a global collection of $786.3 million.

Detective Chinatown 3

It is a 2021 Chinese comedy mystery buddy film directed and written by Chen Sicheng. The movie has roped off $699 million specially from China, Hong Kong, Australia and New Zealand.


Logan is a 2017 American superhero film starring Hugh Jackman as the titular character which is also the tenth installment of the X-Men movie series. The movie has eraned $619 million.

The Passion of the Christ

It is a 2004 Indie Drama film directed by Mel Gibson. The movie is a masterpiece in itself as it revolves around the saviour of humanity, Jesus Christ until the journey of his crucification. Collected $612 million.

The Hangover Part II

It is an American cult comedy which is also the sequel to the 2009 film 'The Hangover'. With an impeccable storyline of joy and continuous laughtere, the movie was loved all over and has earned $586 million.