Parineeti Chopra and Raghav Chadha seek blessings at Golden Temple Amritsar

Parineeti Chopra visited the Golden Temple Amritsar recently with her finance Raghav Chadha. The couple shares pictures from their visit to the holy place.

Parineeti Chopra and her fiancé, Raghav Chadha, recently visited the Golden Temple in Amritsar and performed seva (selfless service).

During their visit, Parineeti was dressed in a white salwar with her head covered by a dupatta, while Raghav wore a white kurta-pyjama paired with a grey Nehru jacket. He also covered his head with an orange cloth.

Several pictures and videos of the couple helping others and washing utensils during their temple visit has gone viral online.

The video shared by a paparazzi account captured Parineeti and Raghav actively scrubbing utensils alongside others as part of their seva.

Parineeti was seen smiling and engaging in conversation with someone while carrying out her seva duties at the temple.

The engagement ceremony took place on May 13 at Kapurthala House in New Delhi, attended by their families and several politicians.

Parineeti and Raghav are set to get married this winter, a few months after their engagement in May.

Parineeti Chopra and Raghva Chadha shares pictures and videos from their intimate engagement ceremony.

Parineeti Chopra is a renowned actor, while Raghav Chadha is a leader associated with the Aam Aadmi Party.

Parineeti and Raghav's seva at the Golden Temple highlights their commitment to humility and serving others, reflecting their shared values.