Poonam Pandey gained fame after vowing to disrobe if the Indian Cricket Team won the 2011 Cricket World Cup, sparking controversy and media frenzy. However, the pledge remained unfulfilled due to BCCI's intervention.

Offered a role on the reality show "Bigg Boss" for Season 7, Poonam declined the opportunity due to a disagreement over compensation, demonstrating her assertiveness in negotiations.

Poonam adopted a unique approach to promote her debut film "Nasha" by launching a Twitter contest, offering her bikini from the movie as a prize for the most romantic Valentine's Day message.

Poonam stirred controversy with her YouTube video titled 'Bathroom Secrets,' which was deemed too provocative for Indian audiences and subsequently blocked by the platform.

Engaging in heated exchanges on Twitter, Poonam confronted notable figures like Taslima Nasreen and Chitrangada Singh, navigating through public scrutiny and criticism.

Poonam Pandey's online presence peaked in 2012 when she became the most searched celebrity on Google, indicating her widespread popularity.

True to her word, Poonam Pandey stripped as promised when Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) won the 2012 IPL, captivating her audience with her bold actions.

Poonam found herself embroiled in controversy yet again when an altered image portraying her alongside Sachin Tendulkar and a Pakistani cricketer sparked outrage among certain communities, leading to public protests.

Displaying her diverse interests, Poonam took to her YouTube channel to present a unique perspective on Yoga Day, demonstrating sensual yoga asanas in her distinctive style.

Poonam Pandey has attracted attention for her unconventional actions and presence in both Bollywood and social media. Despite her fame, there are captivating aspects of her life that often go unnoticed.