Women Of Malwa Region Of Punjab Becoming Entrepreneurs By Organic Farming

written by Diksha Kapoor | March 28, 2020

With the increase in danger of cancer with usage of fertilizers and pesticides in farming, many women of Malwa region of Punjab have come in front for Organic Farming. Most of the women hail from Sangrur, Barnala, Mansa and Bathinda and belong from Dalit families with their husbands being small scale farmers. 'Kheti Virasat Mission’s is an NGO which is to be appreciated for this movement. It educated women about kitchen garden farming at their own homes and this further lead to setting up of businesses by these women. Their efforts in bringing out the best from women of villages is praiseworthy. Moreover, this has not only made women independent but has also promoted organic farming which is the need of the hour in Punjab. These women are now saying a no to 'Growing Cancer' in Punjab. Amarjit Kaur from Bhotna village in Barnala district today sells pickle which is made without the usage of pesticides or chemicals. In fact the coordinator of 'Kheti Virasat Mission’, Ms. Kamaljit Kaur regularly applauds the mixed pickles, chutneys or jams prepared by women. She once told how they are invited to several food festivals and fairs. Their out of the box dishes including pizza made of bajra and organic thali with the price of only one hundred fifty rupees per plate are the major attractions in such food fairs. Whatever is being done by these women is a great achievement. They have not only self employed themselves but have shared the financial load of their families too. With their efforts, the entire Punjab is slowly and steadily proceeding towards organic farming. Hopefully rest of Punjab shall give away 'Cancerous Farming' and opt the original and healthy way out soon.


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