'Chausar: The Power Games' trailer: The dark side of Punjab Politics exposed?

Written by  Ritika Nath   |  February 19th 2022 11:21 AM  |  Updated: February 19th 2022 11:21 AM

'Chausar: The Power Games' trailer: The dark side of Punjab Politics exposed?

When it comes to high-octane drama, PTC Networks has always captivated viewers with its content. PTC Punjabi is preparing to release its first political web series, named 'Chausar: The Power Games'.

The web series depicts the dark side of Punjab politics and how politicians benefit from each other's conspiracy. PTC Punjabi's YouTube channel recently released the trailer for Chausar: The Power Games.

Image Source: PTC Punjabi

The video begins with a female recording herself and telling everyone that she has no idea if she will live the following 20 minutes or not. Later in the trailer, the political theories and dark side of Punjabi politics are highlighted, as well as how the lives of specific people associated with politicians change.

Chausar: The Power Game is without a doubt one of the most keenly awaited Punjabi web series. In this action-packed web series about the Power Games, every Punjab politician's hidden truth and every move is exposed! The political drama will be exclusively released on PTC PLAY App on February 21.

Sairakshita, Narjeet, Mehakdeep, Suchi Birgi, Vishal Saini, Hashneen Kaur, Mahabir Bhulla, Narinder Neena, and other talented Punjabi actors will appear in the web series.

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Image Source: PTC Punjabi

The impactful Political drama is written by Pali Bhupinder Singh and being helmed by Gaurav Rana.

Famous Filmmaker Mukesh Gautam is the Project & Creative Head for Chausar whereas, the whole project is produced by Rabindra Narayan

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