Here are some easy Winter hacks for your craked feets

written by Ritika Nath | January 10, 2022

Some women have beautiful make-up, no stray hair, and flawlessly coordinated bags and outfits, yet their feet sometimes appear neglected.

From the minute we wake up until we go to sleep, our feet bear the brunt of our everyday lives, and to that end, here are some simple and fuss-free home treatments for cracked heels.

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Who doesn't want a pair of smooth, silky heels? Surprisingly, flawless smooth heels may be achieved with only a few kitchen materials.

Make a unique combination and soak your feet in it to see for yourself. Repetition of the method on a daily basis will give you the best results. A handful of rose petals, a handful of fresh margosa/neem leaves, 5 drops geranium oil, 5 drops sandalwood oil, 2 teaspoon wheatgram oil.

Method: Combine all ingredients in a bowl and soak your feet for 20 minutes before patting them dry. Get rid of dead skin with a pumice stone.

Make the following scrub using sea salt and oatmeal and apply it when bathing on a daily basis. 1 cup oatmeal, almond oil, sea salt, honey, rice powder, juniper oil,  peppermint oil

Method: In a large mixing bowl, thoroughly combine all of the ingredients and store them in an airtight jar. Scrub our feet with a loofah every day. It will not only assist to remove dirt and filth, but it will also soften dead skin and begin to make the skin smoother and less prone to cracks.

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Most individuals are unaware that a home pedicure can help with cracked heels. Take the following precautions: Heated soapy water, 500ml full-fat warm milk, 20ml olive oil, Nourishing cream, Nail brush, Pumice stone, Loofah, Nail file, Buffer, Sponge, Essential oil.

File your nails and bathe your feet in a tub filled with warm water and milk, along with some essential oils and olive oil. Clean your nails using a brush. Scrub heels until they are soft and smooth using a pumice stone. Apply nutritious tub water to the legs up to the knees, as well as the tops and bottoms of the feet, with a sponge.

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