Jagdeep Sidhu Reveals A Lot About His Upcoming Film Sufna. Details Here

written by Diksha Kapoor | December 17, 2019

Punjabi writer-director Jagdeep Sidhu is one of the most amazing artists of the industry. Known for the films like ‘Qismat’, ‘Nikka Zaildar’, ‘Harjeeta’ among other, he is coming up with his next blockbuster ‘Sufna’.

In a recent interaction on Instagram, Jagdeep revealed a lot about his upcoming film ‘Sufna’. The film will be the seventh film of Ammy and Jagdeep together, and will release on February 14, 2020.

Sufna will be a musical love story with four sad songs in it. The first song of the film will be out on January 12.

Meanwhile, Jagdeep also revealed why he didn’t cast Sargun Mehta along with Ammy in this film, and why Tania is the lead actress.

Here are the things he revealed about the musical love story!

The film releasing on February 14 is going to be a romantic flick as reported by the makers. This is going to be the seventh lm of Ammy and Jagdeep together, after having worked for films like ‘Nikka Zaildar series’, ‘Qismat’, ‘Harjeeta’, and ‘Guddiyan Patole’.

Meanwhile, Ammy and Tania have worked together in ‘Qismat’ before; wherein she was seen in a supportive role.

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