Gutar Gu

This 2023 teen drama television series is extremely heart warming, old school and adorable. Directed by Saqib Pandor, it takes you through the mushy school romance between two teen lovers.

Highway Love

Created by BBC studios, it is a romantic dram television series released in 2023. It is about a girl and a boy who meets in the midst of a highway and their stories exchanged, giving off an enthralling start to fresh blooming bond.


With three beautiful season, crushed in a teen high school romance which again takes you back to the good old romantic days of school. First released in 2022, each of the three season are quite entertaining and some feel good creation.

Half Love Half Arranged

Starring Karan Wahi and Maanvi Gagroo in the leading roles, Half Love Halkf Arranged was premiered in October 2023. It is an enthralling rom com web series that revolves around two indivduals who discover the world of arranged dating.

School Friends

Starring a stellar teen casts, 'School Friends' is a rom-com drama released in August 2023. The series is all about friends, love, drama and personal life during the good school days.

Dehati Ladke

This 2023 romantic drama revolves around an aspiring boy who comes out in the city to prepare civil services and eventually falls in love. The drama starts when his life, ambitions and family strangles to keep him aligned.

Badtameez Dil

Led by Barun Sobti and Riddhi Dogra, it is a romantic drama created by Ekta Kapoor and helmed by Prashant Bhagia. It is about two individuals with varying perspective of love falls in love.

Life Is Today

Life is Today is a Turkish Medical drama that is based on the American series 'New Amsterdam'. It is available on Amazon Mini TV in Hindi dubbed version.