PTC Box Office Digital Film Awards 2022: Unveiling the nominations with a Curtain Raiser on March 5th

PTC Punjabi has been presenting award ceremonies to celebrate the stars of Punjabi music and film. There will be a ceremony for the PTC Box Office Digital Film Awards 2022. During this awards ceremony, the PTC box office stories that moved your heart and the film directors who received a lot of applause for their outstanding talent received a lot of applause.

The curtain raiser for the upcoming PTC Box Office Digital Film Festival And Awards 2022 will be released soon. Since 2020, this is the third time Punjabi digital awards have been awarded to honor the best digital content from a PTC Box Office film.

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Aside from that, singers who have captured the hearts of the public with their melodic singing and actors who have captivated the public with their performance will be awarded.

The 'PTC Box Office Digital Film Awards 2022' is the world's largest digital film awards ceremony. The Curtain Raiser will premiere on Saturday, March 5, at 7:30 p.m., only on PTC Punjabi.

This year, PTC Network will host yet another Digital Film Awards PTC Box Office digital film. PTC Network will be a pioneer in nurturing and rewarding talent and innovation in Punjab's heartland through the PTC Box Office Film Festival & Awards.

The event will feature a showing of PTC Network's digital films, as well as a call to action for Punjab's talented young minds to attend workshops to learn about the film industry.



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